Stop them in their tracks with this sweet summer smell. The sweet smell of peaches is sure to remind you of summertime. This summer collection has a light smell that is sure to get noticed. This body souffle' is design to add mositure to the skin while exfoliating the skin.  Best used when paired with Gerogia Peaches body butter. Our foaming sugar is a great way to clean and exfoliate skin.


Made with: Sugar, foaming soap,  Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Essential oils and Fragrances

Georgia Peaches Foaming Sugar Srub

  • Scoop some foaming sugar scrub into the palm of your hand while in the shower. Add water to the scrub and move around in hand to create a foaming lather. Apply the lathering foaming to body in a circular motion to clean and exfoliate skin. Pat dry and add your favorite body cream or oil. 

    Works best when paired with pynkmoon body butter or body oil.