Turmeric and Honey is awesome combination for glowing skin. Pynkmoon’s Turmeric and Honey can help restore your natural glow and treat uneven skin tone. Our Turmeric and Honey Scrub can be used to reduced acne, clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads. Did we mention is will leave your skin hydrated and glowing? Helps to improve skin and makes wrinkles Less visible. Turmeric Lighten dark spots, acne scars, reduced redness and a brighter skin tone.


Product Contains: Turmeric, Raw Honey, Sugar, Grapeseed, essential oils

Turmeric and Honey

  • Scoop a small amount into hand and apply to wet skin. Work in a circular motion on the face or body. Rise and apply a moisturizer. Becareful when apply, Turmeric can stain your clothes and hands.