Women's Touch

Women's Touch


Relieving herbal blend that helps reduce the length of menstrual cycle, aids with menstrual cramps, bloating; helps to cleanse body of old blood residue, balance pH and detox. Ingredients: Nettle, Lavender, Ginger, White Willow, Lemon Balm, Vitex Berries, Red Raspberry, Rose Buds and Mugwort.


**Do not Vsteam if you are pregnant, on your menstrual cycle, have any open wounds or sores, active infections or recent IUD (in for 1 year or less)**

Blend Mixture
  • How to Steam or Soak

    Steam- Bring a pot of water to a broil than remove from heat. Add the steam blend to the hot pot of water and cover and steep for 5/10 mintues. Sit over and steam for up to 30mins.

    *Do not sit directly on steaming pot.

    Soak- Run bath water and pour soak blend into bath water. Move water around to help blend to dissolve in the water.

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