Yoni Bath Soaks- Help to balance your PH while relieving sore muscles and getting a much needed break. Relaxing and refreshing all over. A gentle vaginal refresher and conditioner that destroys harmful bacteria, eliminates odor and also soothes itch, dryness or inflammation.


Pynk Lilly- design to cleanse and tighten.


Pynk Sassy- detox your womb and helps to tighten, increase vaginal dryness and your overall sexual experience.



A Woman's Touch- This herbal blend was designed for women who have irregular, painful, or bloating menstrual cycles.


*Steaming 1-3 times a month will help you have a better experience and detoxifies the body.


*Included:  2 oz  bag of herbs which is enough for 6 Yoni bath ( 1/4 cup of herbs per bath)

Yoni Steam Soak